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Perfect relaxation

The secret of perfect relaxation

In all thermal spas of the Kannewischer Collection, the aspects of „relaxation, wellbeing and activity” are combined in the best way possible.

Building upon over 40 years in the business of wellness, fitness and thermal spas, the Kannewischer Company has developed a wholesome concept of perfect relaxation.

Dedicate your stay in one of our thermal spas to activity, alternating hot/cold treatments, physical relaxation and resting as well as mental relaxation.

To begin with activities such as swimming or fitness training stimulate the cardiovascular system. Then, a bath in our hot and cold pools or use of a sauna with a refreshing shower strengthen the blood circulation and your immune system. After the muscles have been sufficiently warmed up, a broad variety of massage treatments can help to relax the body efficiently. Last, but not least, mental rest is recommended. Also, a healthy meal, rich in vitamins, is the ideal way to recharge your batteries.

All thermal spas of the Kannewischer Collection offer the facilities needed to enjoy these four steps. The broad varieties to relax make it possible for each and every guest to create a personalised way to continuing fitness and wellbeing.