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Guide to thermal bathing

An easy way to efficient relaxation

Over 2000 years ago, the romans had the motto of “sanus per aquam” – healthy through water. This is proven to be true even in the modern world of today. While bathing in thermal water, many factors, like high or changing temperatures, have an effect on the organism. Therefore, it is important to find the balance between activeness and passiveness.

To avoid unnecessary and unhealthy stresses on the body, the thermal spas of the Kannewischer Collection recommend the following rules:

  1. Getting used to temperatures: Starting with the least warm pool, the body has time to get used to climbing temperatures.
  2. No exhaustion: Do not swim excessively until exhaustion. Mild exercises, like gymnastics or slow swimming, are sufficient.
  3. changing temperatures: To stimulate the body, treatments with changing temperatures are recommended. A short bath in a cold pool or a cold shower after sauna is sufficient to stimulate blood flow.
  4. Good timing: To not overstress the body, we recommend the stay only 15 to 20 min in one pool. Most importantly, listen to your own body.
  5. Rest: After each bath, your body needs to rest of at least 30 min. Use this time to eat a little snack or to replenish the water your body has lost. Also, a period of resting should be the end of your bath.